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  • Dawn Cretney

Deep breath in...NO!...just let it go!....

Frozen...cult kids film?...or maybe you are Frozen in fear?

Either way, just remember the key message of the film and learn to let it go....yup just let it go....

Ever get told to take some deep breaths to calm down?


Try the opposite to access feelings of calm quickly.

Good hearted, very well intentioned people often give totally the wrong advice to the stressed.

When you're faced with a situation that demands you sit still for a couple of hours and revise...or produce your knowledge in an an exam room, you need to relax and calm down the body alert response.

When you feel stressed or anxious (y'know when your head is melting or maybe your heart is pounding, or you feel choked for breath, stomach falling...that familiar feeling of impending doom.) let your breath go....

Breathe out .... l o n g and s l o wwwww ....

The out-breath is far more important than the in-breath.

Why? Because when you are stressed you are invariably already over-breathing. Adrenaline has been released in preparation for the flight/flight response, the body has also upped the amount of oxygen you are taking on ready to fill those muscles with the resources it needs to fight or run...both strong physical reactions.

There' a big difference with running an athletics race or pulling some dance moves (when you might need the extra muscle power), when you are needing to apply yourself to sit and study - you need to think - not run or fight - so you need calm for the brain to function at its optimum.

To think you need to reverse the flow of fight/flight resource, calm and allow your head to work.

I can explain more as we go on with our exam prep, but for now, practice

.... l o n g and s l o wwwww .... breaths OUT.

As you do it be curious about how your body responds to slowing and lengthening the breath.

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