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  • Dawn Cretney

Plan your feelings

Is this a strange concept?

Let me explain. Feelings don't have to be left to chance.

Just like you can get excited about a party or going on holiday as you run through events and expectations in your mind, you can equally get apprehensive about a dentist visit, or feel dread at the idea of sitting in an exam as you run through those events and expectations in your mind.

How to change it?

Well there are a few ways. Actually, there are probably many ways, but I know a few that work so it's those I can share.

The main one is to identify how you feel about the situation now....then plan how you would like to feel.

I will walk you through it, but start the process by identifying just how would you like feel:

1) the night before your exams start?

2) the morning of your exam?

3) during your exam?

4) after your exam?

Imagine the situation in detail. Spend some time looking at your exam timetable. You can plan your feelings for each exam and the whole exam period.

Jot down your plan.

I will give you a few days for this activity and then we will move to how you can have these feeling happen for real....

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