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  • Dawn Cretney

Get on track...

So now you have your desired feelings for the exam period set. Let the fun begin! Here's the plan... Y'know what it's like when your favourite track gets played, maybe unexpectedly...that mood shift you feel? You may have just been feeling bored, angry or annoyed (whatever!), but when the beat kicks in or the lyrics start you suddenly feel great / happy... you experience a mood shift to - awesome! What's happening there then? Well, you have subconsciously (without trying!) attached or connected a strong feeling to that track. The mind/body response is that you hear it and automatically feel the feeling you have connected to it. We can use that innate ability and skill you have, to manage your emotions around revision and exam time to gain optimum results. In part, the way to access good feelings that will help you to feel calm / confident / relaxed (whatever your desired choice of feelings or emotions is) etc, is to rehearse them, fix them in your mind so that you find it easy to access the feelings again. Go through your list of desired feelings and match your favourite tracks to them. Select the tracks that create those feelings. Once you have the tracks sorted (playlist them), start to practice with them. Use them to manage your emotions during the revision When settling down to revise (play those that put you in the right mood and mindset to be open to learning) Before you revise a particular subject. You maybe want to experience a particular emotion for a particular subject or exam (i.e, if a particular subject creates a problem for you).

So find the right track to put you in the best mood / mindset for that subject then play the track before you start revising it. After revision, what track makes you feel like celebrating? Makes you feel like you've achieved something? (yup, plan your post exam celebrations too!) If you start using your selected soundtracks now to manage your feelings and emotions for subjects and the exams, you will find it gets easier to revise as you are getting into the right emotional state. This way is one powerful way of controlling and managing your emotions. You are preparing yourself to experience those same helpful feelings and emotions when your exams start. Come exam time it will be really easy to use the music to access all the positive feelings you've chosen when the exam time starts because you have been practicing accessing helpful feelings and emotions when you think about subjects / revision and exams. Just imagine what it would be like waking up the morning before an exam...

....listening to your selected track (that makes you feel just how you want to feel about that subject and exam)

...feeling that helpful feeling (that reminds you that you've revised and prepared for it)

...sitting calmly in the exam and performing to your best (because you are feeling just how you need and have planned to feel)

...walking out of the exam room to the celebratory feeling - you have accomplished what you set out and planned to do

...& feeling great!

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