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  • Dawn Cretney

4 Tips To Improved Revision

Revision. Study. We’ve all been there, putting off getting required reading completed and feeling increasing anxiety as the deadline draws closer.

It can be overwhelming, flipping through pages trying to figure out how you’re going to get it all read and not forget anything.

Take a look at our 4 top tips to help you absorb all that information. Then you can buckle down and get started!

1. Active reading…

Remembering the information is easier if you write down a list of questions before you begin reading. You’ll be able to answer the questions as you go along and have shortened notes to refer to when needed.

2. Mix it up…

When you focus on a single task for an extended period of time, you experience something called ego depletion. Essentially your mental energy, self-control, and willpower wipes out. Take breaks, to maintain your motivation and increase the probability of finishing your revision for that day.

Mix things up by using a timer. Read for 15 minutes (the length of your concentration is approx. your age), then take a break have a sip of water to hydrate your brain, and do something active that’ll give you some energy for 5 minutes. Go for a walk, listen to music, dance around, do squats, run up and downstairs, open your window and breathe the fresh air, etc. Make sure you keep active so that when you do come back to reading, you’re feeling refreshed.

Mix things up by breaking books or subjects into sections. As you reach your bookmark, give yourself a reward, maybe a chat to a friend to organise a social activity.

3. Stay active…

Stay active while reading to help keep you focused. If writing things down as notes isn’t your thing, make it easier on yourself and use a highlighter so you can go back later and review the important information.

4. Your perfect reading spot…

You may find lots of things become distracting when it comes to reading and revision. So find a spot that is tidy (then you have less inclination to start trying to tidy instead of studying!), gives you as much solitude as possible, where you find it easier to focus on your reading. It might be a room in your house, or the library. Wherever it is, switch your phone off, or use an app such as Offtime, to stop you using it for an allotted period of time.

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